About us

We are the oldest merchant on Chemical market in Bangladesh since 1965. The name “Huma Enterprise” has established in 1999 to hold the business professions for the next generations.

Business History:
  • The chemical business was established at first namely ” M/S M.M. CHEMICALS” in 1965, which was under operation of Late Hazi Osman Goni. Then The business was handed over to Late Hazi Mostaq Ahmed. The operation was hold from 1965 to 1998. From the beginning we are providing our chemical products to the different industrial sectors to meet their requirement smoothly with responsibilities maintaining best quality,  prices, service & supports.

    Available Chemical :

    Sectors we provide Chemicals:

  • Plastics, Rubber
  • Cosmetics, Personal Care, Consumer Products
  • Textiles, Dyes, Finishes, Pretreatment
  • Food, Beverage,
  • Sweetners, Pharmaceuticals
  • API’s, OTC, Excipients

    Address :
    218 Mitford Road
    Mumtaz Market
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

    M/S ZARYAB & CO.
    218 Mitford Road
    Mumtaz Market
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Tell: +880247314098