Cholorinated Paraffin Oil / WAX

Formula (MOL)  CnH2n-4CI(n-10 to 15)
Molecular Weight  350 to 450
Appearance water white to pale yellow viscous liquid.
Density at 250 C 1.25-1.29
Viscosity at 250 C 15 to 22 Poise
CAS No 63449-39-8
(HM / HDPE Drum / MS Drum)   250 KG each drum
Free HCL 0.05% Maximum
Moisture 0.05% Maximum
Colour stability at 1800 C 15 min Product Stable
Loss of Volatile material
1. 24 hrs at 1000 C 0.3% Maximum
2. 4 hrs at 1500 C 0.6% Maximum
Flash Point open cup 4500 C


Description: It is used as secondary compound plasticizers. It is a transparent viscous liquid having distinct sweet odour. It is essentially insoluble in water but soluble in other chlorinated solvents.

Chlorinated Paraffins Wax are straight-chain hydrocarbons that have been chlorinated. Chlorinated paraffins Wax are classified according to their carbon-chain length and percentage of chlorination, with carbon-chain lengths generally ranging from C 10 to C 30 and chlorination from approximately 35% to greater than 70% by weight. Chlorinated paraffins Wax are made by chlorinating paraffin wax fractions obtained from petroleum distillation. The three most common commercial feedstocks used are paraffins with carbon number ranges of: Short-chain (C 10-13 ), Intermediate-chain (C 14-17 ) and Long-chain (C 18-30 ).

Packaging : 250kgs each in HDPE Barrels/Mild Steel Drums