Dextrose Anahydrade

Glucose or dextrose is the monomer of natural starch polymer. This monomer is also the natural physiological sugar in the human body.

In its crystalline form this doubly natural sugar has long been used both as a filler for oral dosage forms and as a sweetener.

Roquette has a range of dextrose products wide enough to meet any of manufacturers’ different requirements.

dextroge1 sintific

Chemical Identifiers

CAS 50-99-7
Physical Form Solid
Assay Percent Range ≥99.8 %
Molecular Formula C6H12O6
Linear Formula HOCH2(CHOH)4CHO
Formula Weight 180.08g/mol
Synonym Glucose
Chemical Name or Material Dextrose Anhydrous
Assay 99.8% min.
Grade Molecular Biology, DNase-, RNase- and Protease-Free