Magnesium Carbonate

Chemical Names: MAGNESIUM CARBONATE; Magnesite; Carbonic acid, magnesium salt; 546-93-0; Hydromagnesite; Kimboshi
Molecular Formula: MgCO3 or CMgO3
Molecular Weight: 84.313 g/mol



Magnesium Carbonate is white, testless, odourless, amorphous, fine powder and it has been useful in too many applications as given below:
  • It is generally used in Rubber & plastic industries as a filler and to make rubber Light and improves tensile strength.
  • It is used in Pan-Masala & Gutkha preparation due to soothing action in throat and to make Gutkha powder homogeneous with tobacco, katha, supari.It is basically antacid & laxative. So tobacco user can not suffer from acidity, constipation and Magnesium defficiency in blood .It is also useful for prevention of brittleness of teeth & bone.
  • It is used in paper Industries to make paper more white, shiny & smooth.
  • It is used in Ink Industries.
  • It is used in cosmetic Industries especially in talcum powder, face powder, body powder, etc.
  • It is used in preparing soft drinks especially effervescent lemon, ginger etc.
  • Due to its marked absorptive powder it is incorporated in special soaps.
  • As an anticaking agent in free flow table salts.
  • It is extensively used as hot & cold insulation material.
  • It is also used in fertilizer industries.
  • In pharmaceutical industries it is used as an antacid and laxative, and as a binding agent and filler for tablet preparations.
  • Magnesium Carbonate MgCo3 is starting material for manufacturing Magnesium Oxide, MgO.
  • Magnesium Carbonate refractory grade is used in Kiln Bricks.
  • Magnesium Carbonate food grade is used in confectionary & bubble gum as an antisticking agent.
  • Magnesium Carbonate Light Basic extensively use for surgical glows, condoms and other Latex Rubber products.
  • It is also used in ceramic industries, kitchen wares & crockeries.
  • It is used in different filtration techniques & various filtration beds.