Petroleum Jelly

  • Product name: White Petroleum Jelly
  • Synonyms : White Soft Paraffin BP / Ph. Eur. White Petrolatum USP White Soft Paraffin Vaseline
  • Dangerous goods class : None allocated
  • Chemical family :Hydrocarbon
  • Uses : Used in topical products, as a lubricant and in various pharmaceutical / Cosmetic formulations
petroleum-jely3 petrolium-jely

  • Emergency overview: Product Description: This product is a colorless to amber, oily solid, translucent, odourless, when rubbed on skin and tasteless.
  • Health Hazards: The chief health hazard associated with exposure during normal use and handling is the potential for mild irritation of contaminated skin.
  • Flammability Hazards: This product is combustible. When involved in a fire, this material may decompose and produce irritating vapors.